Ingenious Fools is a Comedy Agency and Live Production Company representing some of the best talent on the UK circuit, with a focus on diversity.

Susanna Clark launched the company in 2014, having previously worked for top agencies including RBM, James Grant and Beyond Compere and more recently Andrew Roach Talent. “Since starting IF I have been lucky enough to work with some incredible talent and ground-breaking shows”.

The company’s ethos is to provide a friendly service and honest advice in a competitive industry and to put artists and their wellbeing at the forefront.

Susanna leads successful Arts Council England funded projects for Comedy-Theatre tours, delivering online and in person outreach to schools, businesses and charities such as Scope, The Wilberforce Trust, PIP-UK, Artlink and Restore.

Ingenious Fools is based in Nottingham and focuses on developing and showcasing talent in the local area and beyond.

Susanna specialises in Edinburgh Fringe Management having over ten years experience in developing and managing shows.

“You and your team of stars absolutely made the day and from what we’ve heard everyone really enjoyed the panel and comedy. We’ve heard from one very senior person that they actually cancelled meetings to stick around to listen, the comedian’s chat was that interesting.” ITV Able