Alex Gibbon

(Broadcast only)

Five years ago, Alex lost the ability to speak due to a neurological disorder. The irony in this is that they used to be a singer.
“My brain still remembers how to talk, it’s just decided to take the Lake House route to my mouth. So essentially, I’m a windows update with a pulse”.

Alex has used comedy to educate, captivate, and mildly titillate audiences as they demolish society’s ignorance and expectations of how disabled people are “supposed” to be. Their show is a constant reminder that bad life choices are not just a luxury of the able-bodied. Disabled people are just as capable and daring, even more so, because we have less to lose. They have been highly successful within the Pride Circuit and comedy clubs in and around the southwest of the UK. And after only 10 months on the comedy circuit full-time, have been scouted and am now managed by the incredible team at Mirth Control Comedy.

Following their first show’s feature length debut at Edinburgh Fringe: they have been reviewed in both Playbill, as well as Euro News in their top 20 shows to see at the Fringe. This is on top of also having mentions in Euan’s Guide, Binge Fringe magazine, and Forbes: who categorized them in their Ultimate List Of LGBTQ Shows At Edinburgh Fringe 2023.

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2023
Cornwall Pride 2021
Bude Pride 2022
Wolds Pride 2022
Laugh-Able Comedy Night
Camborne Pride 2023
St Austell Pride 2023
Falmouth Pride Headliner 2023
Bude Pride Headliner 2023
Truro Pride 2023
Penzance Pride 2023
St Ives Pride 2023
Saltash Pride 2023
Bodmin Pride 2023
My PWB Keep it Fringe Award winning show “Fat, Femme & Crippled” Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2023
Weston Super Laugh 2023
B Bar Plymouth 2023

Disabled Comics Panel at ITV able conference 2023

Live gigs: tel 07854 468092