Angela De Castro: Laughing Matters

Working out who you are isn’t always easy. So, it is really important to have fun, laugh and feel good about yourself. Laughing Matters is not a workshop. It is a laughing session. When we laugh we release endorphins – your body’s natural well-being hormone.

The session is safe, fun, easy to do, stress free and you will leave feeling great! Just come along.

Note: Sessions can vary from 45 mins to 1 hour.


Small space for participants to move around.

A mat or blanket for laying down, or a chair.

Additional information:

Laughing Matters is based in the laughter yoga method.

Inspired by breathing techniques, developed in Yoga to assist in relaxation, the mental and physical benefits of laughter are immediate and easy to achieve, regardless of age, fitness levels or ability.

Laughter is an essential tool in building confidence, removing cynicism and increasing enthusiasm. Not only that, it is also very good for your health and dramatically reduces stress by naturally releasing endorphins.



Angela de Castro moved from her home country of Brazil to London in 1986 to pursue her dream to study, perform and reclaim theatre clowning as a modern art form. She has toured the UK and internationally with the major contemporary theatre and circus companies and is well known as a teacher of her master class ‘How To Be A Stupid’ .

Angela de Castro is one of the most loved women clowns. She is a leading theatre practitioner, actor, teacher, director and speaker. Her performances and methodology have been well recognised in the UK and abroad, awarding her, among a few, a Lawrence Olivier Award (UK), the Golden Nose Award (Spain), the Nesta Dreamtime Fellowship, an Arts Foundation Fellowship and an International Fellowship by Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama for her contribution on the art of clowning.

Her work has been halted due to the pandemic and is keen to explore new ways of working online. Angela de Castro will work with the facilitators, carers, teachers and leaders of each organisation to provide them with respite and laughter.