Sportsperson is a show about playing sport and fitting in and how Cerys is quite bad at both of those things. It’s also a show about being non-binary, arguing with male cyclists, the importance of hydration in sport, why you should never take advice from Cerys’ dad, why you should never take advice from Cerys’ mum, the merits of being an aunt rather than an uncle, butts, binders, birthday cake, and what it feels like to get an autism diagnosis at the age of 27 (in the middle of the pandemic).

In the show, Cerys combines conventional stand-up with easy storytelling and more surreal sketches, voice overs and props to create a window into their mind and something you’ve never seen before.

As a part of the show’s development, Cerys has been conducting zine making workshops with their rugby team and LGBT+ organisations to explore gender and sports. Through these workshops, participants have created a zine that encompasses essays, drawings and collages. It will be given away to Fringe audiences to help share more voices and experiences about trans and non-binary inclusivity in sports.

“Slick and quick witted.” ★★★★★ Diva Magazine