Cerys Bradley: Queer Minds Workshop

Developed with Arts Council England Funding.

Led by comedian and autistic performer Cerys Bradley, this workshop invites neurotypicals and neurodiverse people to come along and explore how we communicate, using creative writing to build a collaborative zine, that will be printed and shared at Cerys’ comedy shows and online.

You can take a look at some of the outcomes of this workshop here – https://www.cerysbradley.com/queer-mindscerysbradley.com/sportspeople

The workshop will be full of conversation, fun activities and writing prompts to create expressions of how we experience intrusive thoughts, overthinking and communication with others, with the option to take your ideas away to work on at home and submit at a later date.

All of our workshops can be delivered in person or online. Please contact susanna@ingeniousfools.co.uk for more information.