Juliette Burton was on tour in March 2020 with her Arts Council Funded show Defined… Then her tour, our lives, our world was Redefined. Her original show was all about what happened when everything steadfast in her life back in 2018 vanished and how she re-evaluated how she defined her love, life and labels. Now she’s back to explore how 2020 has Redefined EVERYTHING.”

How would you define yourself in these strange times?

Join Juliette for her hilarious, upbeat and responsibly distanced live show about identity and wellbeing in the current crisis. Delivering an extravaganza of multimedia excitement into your home, including stand up comedy, clips from her award winning shows, original music and brand new material considering how our current circumstances impact our identity, and most importantly learning to laugh through it all.

Juliette has a lifelong history of mental health problems. She was diagnosed with OCD, acute anxiety, manic depression, bipolar, anorexia, bulimia, compulsive overeating disorder. She has experienced psychosis and agoraphobia as well as social anxiety disorder. She was an inpatient in mental hospitals/clinics 4 times, and sectioned under the mental health act aged 17. She’s still in therapy, now blogs for Time to Change, MindFull, ReThink Mental Illness and Mind. and has worked with the facial disfigurement charity Changing Faces and body dysmorphic disorder charity B.O.D.Y. 

As seen & heard on BBC One, ITV, Radio 4 & Radio 5 Live. “Burton drips with charm – joyous” The Times,

“Huge talent” ***** Daily Mirror

***** Sunday Mail

***** Voice Mag