Katie Mitchell

Katie Mitchell is a rising star of the Midlands comedy circuit. Emerging on the scene in 2016, her comedy is alternative yet pervasive, bringing whimsy and surreal characters to a wide variety of audiences.

She is currently developing her second show with Natalie Bellingham, Daniel Nicholas and Circus Hub Nottingham, with Arts Council England Funding, produced by Ingenious Fools.

“[Katie] was an absolute joy! I just want you to know that aside from your acts being incredible, your staunch professionalism from start to finish was really appreciated.” – Virella Valac, director of Leeds Festival of Gothica

“[Katie Mitchell’s] dada-istic performance was one of the weirdest and most brilliant new acts I’ve seen in a while. To say off the wall would do her a huge disservice. The brilliance of dada at its best, with props, stories about body pillows, and full on insanity” – Monsoon of Random blog