Vicky Hancock: Puppetry Workshop

A 60 minute workshop exploring creative writing, vocal expression and puppetry. Participants will learn the basic tenants of object manipulation, take part in exercises to enhance vocal creativity, and create a short scene, dialogue or poem. Everyone will need a hand-held object – something big enough to be seen on screen, and not too heavy or breakable – such as a plastic ladle, soft toy, ball, plastic bag, roll of toilet paper/cello tape, paperback book, etc. Bring your imagination and be prepared for some nonsense!



Creator and performer Victoria Hancock is trained in physical theatre, voice, puppetry and clowning (LISPA, LAMDA, Rambert and Queen Mary College, UofL). A popular and well-established regular on the UK cabaret scene, and known for her comic and narrative burlesque.

‘Frontal Lobotomy’ was Jeu Jeu la Foille’s debut solo show, showcasing poetic writing and vocal dexterity. Following the success of the Edinburgh Fringe in 2016, the show toured the UK, supported by the Arts Council England and was successfully followed by her latest show ‘Jeu Jeu la Foille’s Testy Manifesto’.

Vicky’s experience includes teaching techniques in drama and clowning to a range of students.